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Established 2024, we believe this year will mark the beginning of a journey through time as we uncover and turn some of history’s greatest masterpieces into fashion. We sincerely hope that you have a good experience with us, and that this will mark the beginning of a fruitful relationship.





AEON’S DOCUMENTS, the name stems from the passage of time and the documentation of it, as time passes. Aeon, a word for the passage of time and documents for the documentation of what has happened. AEON’S DOCUMENTS, the collections of historical paintings across time, that depict important views, moments or people throughout history.


The platform was created with the intention of allowing art lovers across the world to be able to not only look at the art, but to enable those who love art to wear it as well. The brand is for those who like art, and wish to incorporate some of the greatest pieces of art to your wardrobe. A brand with a modern style, but with the essence of the masterpieces created by renowned artists throughout history.


  • Our wish is to have a positive impact on people's lives through our clothes and content that we post making their day better, even if it is just for a little bit.

  • As the world moves forward with the passage of time, the past eventually turns to dust. Sadly it applies to all that has been and is to come, but we wish to do our part and to make sure that the great ones are not forgotten during our time.                              It is truly only when you are forgotten, that you die. So it is important to remember the ones that have passed, in honor of their achievements and their existence.

  • We wish to decrease our impact on the global footprint and to provide our customers with products of high quality. Ensuring high quality means better life expectancy of our products and for that reason you might not need to buy as many pieces of clothes, thus helping the climate if not by just a little bit.

  • We at AEON’S DOCUMENTS wish to uphold a high level of sustainability and ethical production, to ensure a better tomorrow. To achieve our goal, we only source our garments from established and safe sources, and on top of that we also wish to decrease the global impact of our business by planting a tree for every piece we sell.



To ensure that we to the best of our abilities contribute as little as possible to the global footprint, working for planetary sustainability, we believe that sourcing and quality of the products are of the highest importance. By sourcing based on durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, we believe that every product should be made with longevity in mind for the sake of the environment and for the sake of our customers. To ensure that we lessen the impact on the planet as much as possible, we therefore make sure that our products are of more premium quality to last longer, rather than the cheap product that deteriorates much quicker. Another action we have taken in order to reduce the impact on the planet is to plant a tree for every sale we make


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